Nuventura and Iberapa, a Spanish manufacturer of high (HV) and medium voltage (MV) substations, have proudly announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement. This exciting collaboration will enable Iberapa to incorporate nuventura’s cutting-edge SF6-free MV GIS into their MV substation offerings, thereby helping to advance Spain’s energy transition.

“ Considering the recent announcement by the  European  Union  that  SF6,  and other F-Gases, will no longer be permitted from 2030 onwards in the MV segment, we find Nuventura’s MV dry-air technology extremely interesting, and are very excited to have the opportunity to include it in our primary substations and offer it to our customers ” says Miguel Rivas, General Manager at Iberapa.

” We’re excited to join forces with Iberapa, a forward-thinking company that’s not only trusted for their high-quality standards but also shares our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.  Together, we see a great opportunity to introduce SF6-free products to the Spanish market, benefiting from Iberapa’s strong reputation and jointly, contributing to the larger shift toward sustainable electrification in Spain” says Bettina Bross, Nuventura’s  Partnerships Manager.

About Nuventura GmbH |

Brought together by a shared vision for a sustainable global power sector, Nuventura was founded in Germany in 2017. To achieve this vision, Nuventura provides access to innovative technology and best‐in‐class products, while working across the entire value chain from project developers, to EPCs and switchgear manufacturers.

About Iberapa |

 “ At Iberapa we want to be a company close to our customers, with people who humanize technology, and make a better world for future generations, hence our motto, People On Power Solutions “ , says Francisco Bañon, shareholder of the company and business development & marketing manager.

Iberapa is part of a family business group in the energy sector, which produces and distributes efficient, sustainable and reliable solutions for the generation, transportation and distribution of electrical energy.

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