Moving towards Sustainability:

Iberapa obtains the ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint Certification for its 2022 annual activity.

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, iberapa is taking significant steps to quantify its environmental impact and take measures to reduce it. In this sense, Iberapa in its commitment to sustainability has obtained the ISO 14064 carbon footprint certification corresponding to the activity of the year 2022.

ISO 14064 certification is an international standard that establishes the principles and requirements for quantifying and reporting an organisation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By obtaining this certification, Iberapa demonstrates its commitment to transparency and responsible management of its carbon emissions.

ISO 14064 carbon footprint certification involves a comprehensive process from identifying the sources of GHG emissions to implementing measures to reduce those emissions. Iberapa has dedicated significant resources to this process, working closely with sustainability experts to develop and implement effective strategies.

One of the main benefits of ISO 14064 carbon footprint certification is that it provides a solid basis for business decision-making. By better understanding its environmental impact, Iberapa is in a stronger position to identify opportunities for improvement and develop strategies to reduce its carbon footprint.

In summary, ISO 14064 carbon footprint certification represents an important step in Iberapa’s sustainability journey. By taking a proactive approach to managing its carbon emissions, Iberapa is positioning itself as a responsible company and is a testament to its ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future for all.

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