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Discover our history, mission and vision as well as our trajectory for more than 40 years.


We base our philosophy in quality products and services that we offer. We compromise with the environment and the work safety policy.

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Company active in developing new international markets, international events and industrial fairs.

Our History

Iberica the Aparellajes was founded in 1969 with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing medium voltage switchgears for energy distribution Networks.

The company at the beginning was dedicated to the manufacture of disconnectors. Later on, will came the development of new product lines, as a result of constant R&D developed in the company, together with the acquisition of several technologies, developing air break switches, fuses and other products. This quickly led to business growth and the need to expand manufacturing capabilities and facilities, so the company moved to new facilities at Masamagrell in 1975.

Over the next eight years the company’s business is mainly focused on the consolidation of the air type switchgear business in Spain, making agreements of their disconnectors, switches and insulators in the main electricity distribution companies and creating a company of the same shareholder group, POINSA dedicated to the manufacture of electrical porcelain insulators, the main supplier of porcelain insulators for Iberica de Aparellajes.

Since the early ’80s to the present time, and through several stages, as much developing new products and proprietary technologies, as switches “Exarc” in SF6, or rotary disconnectors up to 72.5 KV, the distribution of new products as polymeric insulators and lightning arresters for new markets to 400KV substations and power transmission, the establishment of another company of the same shareholder group, HORMILEC, which manufactures and sells prefabricated transformer stations, as the constant opening of new international markets, it is leading after several growings of the facilities and resources, to the present situation with facilities of 10,000 sqm.

historia iberica de aparellajes


To be a Spanish company with quality in its processes and products marketed, with its own technology on it’s products, creative, independent and competitive, with an international vocation in the field of electricity and with a philosophy based on customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders satisfaction.


We want to still maintain a positive track record of profitability, increase our levels of national and international market share, with further cooperation with our clients in the design and development of new products.

Our Business

Over 40 years of experience and business growth, support us in the design, manufacture and marketing of medium and high voltage switchgear devices for substations, transmission and distribution electricity networks. We design, manufacture and supply products to utilities, contractors, distributors of electrical equipment, industrial sector, and specific applications such as grid connected photovoltaic energy, wind energy, railways and others.

And we still have much to growth, it is our dream and we want to do it with you!

We design, manufacture and supply products for electric companies, contractors, distributors of electrical equipment, tertiary sector, and specific applications such as photovoltaic energy connected to grid, wind power, rail and others.

We have our own design, manufacture and technology, for the products that are assembled in our facilities in Spain, as well as a specialized after-sales service, which will give you suitable solutions both for corrective and preventive maintenance of our products and for the wide range available of accessories and spare parts of products.

negocio iberica de aparellajes
negocio iberica de aparellajes

Most of our products are designed and tested according to IEC standards, and validated and accepted by the main electricity companies in Spain, as well as other clients and international electrical utilities, furthermore we have high quality products for other markets with specific regulations.

We have flexibility in order to develop specific products for our customers, in our aim to achieve greater customer co-operation, not only supplying the products that we manufacture, but to provide solutions to our customers. Iberica de Aparellajes is continuously advancing to face the future together with its customers by providing high quality solutions for the environment.

In addition Iberica de Aparellajes is the distributor for the Spanish market of the multinational Hubbell Power Systems, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of lightning arresters and high voltage polymer insulators.

Iberica de Aparellajes is in continuous advance to face the future together with its clients providing high quality solutions for the environment.

Growing up w th a new energy!

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