Sf6 insulated load break switches

The IA780 type load break switches are three phase exarc rotary switches in Sf6 for overhead lines vertical or horizontal installation, with load interrupting capability and automation options, tele control, and automatic fault detection, with reclosing functions. These are manufactured according to standards CEI 60265, UNE-EN 60265.

Sf6 Exarc load break switches

The IA780 outdoor switches are equipped with EXARC rotary switches, sealed for life in a stainless steel enclosure and with a special treatment against extreme corrosion in electric power distribution networks located in environments of high pollution and fog salt conditions, manufactured according to UNE EN60265 standards, and CEI 265.

Remote control modular outdoor cabinet  

The outdoor modular control box allows the installation of customizable and highly configurable modules according to the customer’s automation needs. It has an advance and intelligent backup battery charging system combined with a last generation power supply with several outputs adaptable to each module. The construction is in stainless steel with double roof for cooling and protection of electronic modules.

Advantages and main features


Designed specifically for birdlife protection.


Switch and operating mechanism isolated in gas, providing greater resistance and reliability in high pollution environments than other similar solutions with the exposed mechanism, for example in ice areas.


Improvement and efficiency in the management of electricity networks, reducing service interruption times.


Possibility of connection with plug terminal, isolating the device from environment and increasing installation capacity at high altitude over 1,000 meters.


Several possibilities of operation: Pole stick, or manual drive, or Motor Control.


Ability to adapt a control cabinet with a relay enabled to performs as a sectionalizer (programmable reclosing) and programmable communication with different protocols: PID1, IEC101, etc.

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