Distribution type polymer arresters

The arresters with polymer housing are single phase devices, with the function of surge protection by zinc oxide varistors. They are manufactured according to standards UNE-EN-60099-4/CEI 99-4.

Overhead line equipment effective protection

Distribution and transport lines equipment protection, such as transformers, switchgear, as well as network connections, overhead lines to underground distribution, etc. In general any equipment or network that needs to be protected against surges or lightnings.

Advantages and main features


Polymer housings with extended creepage distances and excellent performance in areas with high pollution.



They incorporate an insulating base for support as well as a disconnect device which acts by disconnecting the short-circuit arrester with visual indication.



Optional accessories, such as protective caps, discharge counters, and connection braids.



Large energy absorption capacity, with nominal currents of 10KA.


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