Política de Calidad

Quality Policy

Our goal is economic efficiency, balanced with customer’s satisfaction by meeting their requirements, as well as legal ones.
For this purpose, the General Management of the company agrees with the following:

  • Provide the company with adequate human and material resources.
  • Setting objectives that lead to a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their quality management systems.
  • Train and motivate the employees so this policy can be understood and fulfilled.
  • Constantly adapt to changes that may occur internally and on the environment.
  • Make it serve as a reference guideline for setting and reviewing objectives for improvement.

All staff of Iberica de Aparellajes regardless of position or department is involved in continuous improvement.
Download quality certificate ISO-9001:2008

Política Medioambiental

Environmental Policy

Iberica de Aparellajes, as a company deeply committed to preserving the environment and respect to the nature, as within their facilities as areas where their products are used, formally declares that the following principles are the guidelines which is based the actuation and environmental policy:

  • Knowledge, acceptance and compliance with legal requirements in environmental matters that affect their operations and products.
  • Apply design criteria to new products versions taking into consideration their environmental characteristics.
  • Setting targets and objectives for the prediction, reduction and, if possible, the complete elimination of pollution that results or may result from its activities and products.
  • Establish objectives and targets for reducing and optimizing the use of natural resources and energy, under the principle of continuous improvement.
  • Review the objectives and targets through regular meetings with the quality committee.
  • Disclose and inform about environmental policy to all staff of the company and the society.
  • Encourage all staff of the company, regardless of position, to engage and commit to this policy at work everyday.

Download quality certificate ISO-14001:2004

Política de Seguridad en el Trabajo y Prevención de Riesgos Laborales

Policy Work Safety and Occupational Health and Safety

Iberica de Aparellajes, assumes its responsibility for Occupational Safety and Health and recognizes the right to health that a worker has during the course of its business at the company. Is aware that the guarantee of success and future are based on the following principles:

  • Guarantee a job with adequate health and safety.
  • A job that provide comfort and satisfaction to the worker.
  • Manufacture products and provide services in sufficient quantity and quality according to the needs of its customers, but in the safest possible way.

Consequently, based on the continuous improvement principles, will promote prevention activities and will take measures to avoid, or possibly reduce the risks derivated from work:

  • Educating and informing all staff.
  • Providing appropriate protective equipment for each activity.
  • Establishing supervising and monitoring mechanisms for the care and use of personal protective equipment and strict adherence to working methods in place.

Download the certificate of quality according to OHSHAS-18001:2007

Control and Inspection / Warranty

In accordance to our total quality policy, and our certified processes, we conducted numerous quality checkpoints, as when receiving raw materials from our suppliers, as well as during the various stages of the manufacturing process until the product is finished.

Furthermore, continuous audits on the processes are done, which ensures an improvement in the quality control of products, as on the construction phase as over the finished product.

All finished products go through a rigorous control, at the laboratory, or at the end of the manufacturing line, in order to check that exceed the standards of IEC or other applicable regulations.

Therefore, acting in these three areas, control over raw materials, process control and control over the finished products we can supply equipment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Testing Laboratory

Iberica de Aparellajes has its own laboratory, calibrated by ENAC (National Accreditation Board) to perform:

  • Routine tests
  • Witness tests for customers
  • Type tests
  • Raw materials and products inspection tests
  • Reception and acceptance tests for customers

In our laboratory, it can be performed tests for dielectric lightning impulse up to 500 KV and 200 KV power frequency; heating tests up to 2,000 Amps; mechanical endurance tests, measurement of the resistance of the circuits; galvanized and paint coatings, among others.

In addition, we work actively with government certification authorities and independent laboratories to ensure the highest quality in the products we sell.

  • LCOE: Central Laboratory for Electrical Official
  • LABEIN: Technology Center, Laboratory for Electrical Equipment
  • EDF: Les Renardiere, Laboratory of Electricité de France tests
  • CESI: Italian Experimental Electrotechnical Centre