The Iberica range SF100 cubicles are prefabricated modular and extensible switchgear, which can be connected with each other to obtain the necessary switchgear configuration with different functions on cubicles available.

Advantages and construction details:

  • Compact size and ease of cable terminal connection with reduced cost.
  • Installation and adjustment free, as this is done during manufacturing, as well as maintenance, compared to conventional solutions.
  • Ensure continuity of electrical supply to be able busbars connections at top of the unit to be accessed.
  • Three positions rotary switch type “Exarc” and with a single shaft, giving the device enhanced reliability and safety with interlocks that release the doors opening only with the switch in earthing position.
  • Increased operation safety, because of its pressure relief valve in case o fan internal fault or short circuit and because of its rotary switch “Exarc” that prevents earthing and closing positions at the same time.
  • Capacitive neon light indicators, with interchangeability between phases for greater security.
  • Increased service reliability, ensuring the quality of equipment being tested individually.
  • Easy replacement of each individual function as well as updating or changing the future switchgear configuration.
  • Different ranges of functions, to form multiple solutions, as the possibility of motorize many line functions for distribution transformer stations.

Main applications: SF100 units, can form a whole modular switchgear that allows the manoeuver, control and switching of medium voltage networks up to 24KV, as well as feeding, connection and protection of numerous transformers as well as other equipments or devices connected to them, whereas providing the installation with electricity supply is critical, which can also be done in extreme cases bypassing the copper busbars, unlike full sf6 insulated sets where the whole module require intervention at factory, or replacing the entire unit.

Main application on industry transformer stations and wind power or photovoltaic generation, where a defect that affects the switchgear, can be restored with minimal interruption of electricity service, or those activities where a prolonged shutdown due to a fault or incident that affects the switchgear is critical. In addition because of its modular design, it is particularly appropriate for the industry in order to accommodate a change of power transformer or equipment that can be installed on the future in the transformer station.

Range: From 12 to 24KV and currents from 400 to 630A. Functions available of cable rising, line switch, protection fuse switch, metering unit and sf6 switch with vaccum circuit breaker protection.


  • Motor operation mechanisms for the line functions of the unit to enable remote operation and the remote management of the network.
  • Signaling auxiliary contacts open or closed position.
  • Opening tripping coils for protection function.
  • Gas pressure gauge.
  • Mechanical key interlocks associated with other devices and / or equipment.
  • Electronic protection relays with multiple functions.
  • Earth fault or short circuit indicators.
  • Juegos de fusibles para equipación y repuesto.
  • Metering cubicle equipped with VT and CT transformers to be verified by the utility supplier.

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