PV and PH

Substation class arresters are devices with a single phase function of surge protection by zinc oxide varistors. They are manufactured according to standards UNE-EN-60099-4/CEI 99-4.

Advantages and construction details:

  • Polymer housing with extended creepage line and excellent performance on high polluted areas, in one single housing much lighter than their counterparts with ceramic insulators and completely assembled at the factory.
  • In applications requiring high levels of mechanical strentgh ratings, there are specific models with ceramic insulators and depending voltage rating, with modular construction.
  • Very high energy absorption capabilities, classes 2-5 are available according models, and with currents withstand capacity of up to 63 KA.

Main applications: Protection of equipment located primarily in substations and transmission lines such as transformers, switchgears, and network overhead line diversions, overhead to underground connections, etc. In general, any device or network to be protected against lightning surges.

Range: Range from 3 kV to more than 600 KV nominal voltage.


  • Surge Counters
  • Insulating support bases
  • Different hardware for terminal connections

These are some of the options available, for more information see the product catalog.

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