The Iberica range IA500 cubicles are prefabricated switchgear, ready to connect, which integrates into a sealed and insulated for life in SF6 single module all switchgear functions and their connections together with busbars according to the model. Configurations up to five functions in a single enclosure.

Advantages and construction details:

  • Very small and easy connection and operation.
  • Installation and adjustment free, as this is done during manufacturing, as well as maintenance, as using SF6 as dielectric, which provides them with great resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Three positions rotary switch type “Exarc” and with a single shaft, giving the device enhanced reliability and safety with interlocks that release the doors opening only with the switch in earthing position.
  • Increased operation safety, because of its pressure relief valve in case o fan internal fault or short circuit and because of its rotary switch “Exarc” that prevents earthing and closing positions at the same time.
  • Capacitive neon light indicators, with interchangeability between phases for greater security.
  • Increased service reliability, ensuring the quality of equipment being tested individually.
  • There are also specific tests such as temporary flooding support (test at 3 meters depth under water for 24 hours to 1.1 times the rated voltage to test insulation at power frequency).

Main applications: IA500 units, fit together in a compact device, all medium-voltage switchgear that allows the manoeuver, control and switching of medium voltage networks up to 24KV, as well as feeding, connection and protection of one or two transformes as well as other equipments or devices connected to them.
Main application in MV/MV and MV/LV transformer stations, as for new execution as for updating existing conventional switchgear in transformer stations in service, as well as specific applications for wind power generation protection and control.

Range: From 12 to 24 kV and currents from 400-630 A. IA500E are models with typical configurations for wind power applications.


  • Motor operation mechanisms for the line functions of the unit to enable remote operation and the remote management of the network.
  • Signaling auxiliary contacts open or closed position.
  • Opening tripping coils for protection function.
  • Gas pressure gauge.
  • Frame base for more height and easy cable connection without having to run cable trenches, or for installation comfort in larger places.
  • Mechanical key interlocks associated with other devices and / or equipment.
  • Electronic protection relays with multiple functions.
  • Earth fault or short circuit indicators.
  • Plug-in or screw-in type elbow connectors as well as fuse kit for main application or spare parts.

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