IA106-type devices are double-blade three-phase disconnectors with vertical opening for vertical or suspended installations and manual operating mechanism that incorporates fuse holders in the same frame to use medium voltage DIN fuses. They are manufactured according to IEC 62271-1.

Advantages and construction details:

  • Sturdy design and hot dip galvanized steel chassis.
  • Disconnecting  actually visible to the operator, which provides great security.
  • Economic cost compared to more advanced technology solutions.
  • Use of quality galvanizad parts and bearings for longer life.
  • Coated copper contacts and blades “nickguard” that improve the electrical characteristics and allow better performance in high pollution environments.
  • Manual operating mechanism with head driver, and different accessories for different types of assembly, in substation and distribution lines.

Main applications: Control and isolation as well as overcurrent protection in networks and power distribution equipment, overhead diversión lines, overhead to undeground connections, for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Range: use range from 1 KV to 36 KV with an intensity of current flow up to 400 A.


  • Creepage distances levels I to III, according to IEC.
  • Lockable padlock facility on head driver.
  • Interlocking with other devices with key-lock.
  • Possibility of incorporating signaling auxiliary contacts open-closed.

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